Does your existing septic system have problems or issues?

Most homeowners don’t even think about their septic system until they have a problem. In most cases we can help but it is even better if your retrofit your system well before you have problem.

Heavy water usage, lots of paper products, cleaning solutions, grease, oils and even water softeners can easily damage your septic operation.

Additives and chemicals are laboratory test proven to have no lasting or overall effect on your waste breakdown and just waste money.

Remember, Even aeration cannot unplug or dislodge materials stuck in the weeping tile and everyone should use an effluent filter to stop solids from entering your tile bed.

The vast majority of systems installed within the last few decades are anaerobic or essentially dead tanks quietly rotting and have a life expectancy of about 10-20 years before replacement.

Biomat is the naturally produced and damaging by product of an anaerobic septic process which forms a tar like blanket that stops the liquor from dissipating.

fig 1. Failing Biomat
fig 2. Healthy Biomat using SchitzCreek Solution

Oxygen eats biomat to restore your tile bed and our aeration kits infuse this into the waste water without just disturbing the solid matters.

Obviously just like every other technology, septic systems have evolved as well and almost every installer now offers or promotes aerobic chambers for new systems.

We produce Canada’s only complete commercial grade aeration kit made to retrofit most existing systems for the DIY although we offer factory installs.

To ensure top quality, all of our components are sourced in North America and come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Due to our Canadian climate our system has been tested and functioned normally even at -30 while continuously running but, we do strongly recommend not to cycling it on and off at below 0 as it puts undue strain on your compressor.

Septic installers have tens of thousands of dollars tied up in equipment and will charge up to $5000 to dig up and disperse your biomat.

You can easily spend over $25000 to replace you system or about $1500 for an American Aerator using a fish tank pump.

By buying Canadian you save the US exchange rate, duty, brokerage, excessive shipping costs and can probably have it working by the weekend.

For just $1099 Canadian plus tax and delivery you can get our commercial grade Schitz Creek Aerator kit complete with everything you will need to install except a small shovel, drill, a drill bit and your beverage of choice for afterwards.

Use cash, cheque, money order or E-Transfer and we’ll even give you the 4% back as a discount as well.

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